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Thank you. This article has been helpful, especially with so many credible sources.

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Hi Jan. Nicely summarized. The cycle of life. Well written as usual.

Living in Africa (Namibia) you see exactly how foods impacts health. In the cities we have modern processed stuff. In the rural areas, traditional foods. The more "touched by humans" the more reactive our bodies become to these so called foods. In my observation I see two types of foods.

First, pro-inflammatory and second, anti-inflammatory. In that it can be plants,, animals or anything you add to it.

The key, eat little, eat seldom and don't never ever eat anything that does not go off after 10 days.

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Thanks for writing this - so essential but in glimpsing the comments here so many will not hear the reality of being part of nature and that that means - eating other life!

I am not sure you are aware of the great work by Millan Millan about land use change and climate - this is a huge aspect of our problem that we are not looking at check out this 3 part substack article about Millan Millan by Rob Lewis https://theclimateaccordingtolife.substack.com/p/millan-millan-and-the-mystery-of

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The top 5 foods for Vit A are vegetables. So how can vegetarians and Vegans lack Vit A?

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So do you mean that raising animals as property in confinement for eventual slaughter is treating them as 'equals'? They are 'free'?

So do you mean that your blood test said to eat meat?

So do you mean that whatever nutrient you presumably needed in your vegan experience was impossible to obtain from plant sources or supplements ... or was it rather your arbitrary choice for eating meat as a solution?

So do you mean that all vegan diets are the same nutrition: potato chips is the same as spinach?

So do you mean that someone is going to be vitamin A deficient eating carrots (have you heard of beta-carotene)?

Is consuming heme iron a good thing for humans considering the difficulty the human body has to eliminate iron?

How can so many other animals thrive on a vegan diet if it is so impossible to get enough nutrition from plants (elephants don't need zinc)?

Doesn't eating flesh make a longstanding vegan sick? You had no trouble jumping right into meat?

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Look at the “Blue Zones”, where people live the longest, and are the healthiest.. These people primarily eat plant based. And very small portions of meat, very occasionally. I know many people that are very healthy, and vegan (including myself). Keep studying, because earring whole foods plant based is very healthy, and very sustainable. Look up Forks Over Knives… and vegan athletes. There are many vegan high performance athletes. Some who have Never consumed meats. Keep studying!! You’ve missed the mark

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Can you tell me which link shows the reference to the Australian mice and duck killings please? Mice are an introduced species and they thrive because of the vast land used for grain growing which consequently feeds many cattle because the land is so degraded they need to supplement their diet.

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Thank you for this study based article, very interesting!

What do you think about diary from cows? An article to this issue would also be very interesting.

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