Canceling words isn't about protecting sensitive or abused minorities. It's about laying the foundation for a homogeneous, subservient, and dumbed-down society - by design.
With the simultaneous rise in deaths and drop in births, we're entering the first population decline since the Black Plague, not because of a virus but…
One-in-twenty of the general population seems to possess a superpower: they question arbitrary decrees. But who are they? And can they stop the Borg…
Language Is Changing Rapidly to Normalize The Absurd. Don't Let It.
Operation Pandemic, Operation MRNA, Operation Ukraine, And The Rest Of Them Will Be Innocuous Compared to What's Coming
Or How To Deal With Asymmetrical Warfare Against The Individual
The fastest way to recalibrate from the annoying little Oompa Loompas of modern daily life is to turn on, tune in, and drop out... in the forest.
The Human Journey: From Particles To Waves
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